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Below all the Frequently Asked Questions about using Sales, Tax, Profit and Margin Reports App for Shopify.

1. Where do I find the app?

The app is available from Shopify App marketplace.

Click here and find a complete description page with informations, screenshots and a call to action to install and try the app on our own Shopify store.

2. Is the app available in trial version?

Yes the app is available for free during 14 days.

Install the app for free, try it for free and pay only if the app sticks your needs (clin d'œil)

3. What are the informations included in these reports?

The information below can figure in the activity report send by mail:


Order invoice.
DateThe date and time of the order.
Product quantityThe quantity of products included in the order.
Products TaxThe global amount of tax for the products included in this order.
Shipping TaxThe global amount of tax for the shipping of this order.
Total TaxThe total tax amount for this order.
Shipping CostThe shipping cost for this order.
DiscountAmount In case of discount.
Product price (tax exc.)Global amount of the products included in the order tax excluded.
Total Price (tax inc.) Global amount of the products included in the order tax included.

4. Are the invoices created valid?

Yes. The App generates valid invoices including all the legal informations.

5. How to get my logo URL?

There are several ways of getting your logo URL.

The easier way is to right-click the image you want (such as your front store logo) and select "copy image location" and then go to the module configuration, right-click the logo fields and select "paste".

If your image is not already hosted, you can search for an hosting service, there are countless on the web. Here are some exemples :

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