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Below all the Frequently Asked Questions about using Activity Report App for Shopify.

1. Where do I find the app?

The app is available from Shopify App marketplace.

Click here and find a complete description page with informations, screenshots and a call to action to install and try the app on our own Shopify store.

2. Is the app available in trial version?

Yes the app is available for free during 14 days.

Install the app for free, try it for free and pay only if the app sticks your needs (wink)

3. When do I receive emails with report?

You receive our activity report b mail daily once every day.

You have to configure what time you want to receive the mail in the App settings panel.

4. I'ld like to send this activity report by email to several email adresses. Is that possible?

Yes of course. You can configure further email adresses and the app will send an email to all of them.

Just add the adresses from the configuration panel.

5. What are the informations included in this activity report?

The information below can figure in the activity report send by mail:

Best Sale

Order amount including tax of your best sale during the past period since your last activity report.
Worst SaleOrder amount including tax of your lowest sale during the past period since your last activity report.
New subscribersNumber of newsletter new subscribers.

Check the ones you want to receive in order to add them to the daily report.

6. Is it possible to set up the time whan the report is send?

Yes you can configure further the sending time for the activity report.

You also can configure your time zone or validate the default zone automatically.

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