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Below all the Frequently Asked Questions about using Expeditor Inet App for Shopify.

1. Where do I find the app?

The app is available from Shopify App marketplace.

Click here and find a complete description page with informations, screenshots and a call to action to install and try the app on our own Shopify store.

2. Is the app available in trial version?

Yes the app is available for free during 14 days.

Install the app for free, try it for free and pay only if the app sticks your needs (wink)

3. Do I need a La Poste specific account?

Yes you need.

Beware to contact first La Poste to subscribe Expeditor Inet Third part service.

4. What scan should I use?

Ever Scan are compatible, from low cost and wired to expensive and wireless.

We test our apps with a ver usual and simple model we bought on marketplace.

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