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AuthorSylvain Baron
DateNovember 4, 2016


1. Overview

1.1. Introduction

This tutorial is dedicated to every on line retailers using Supply Order for Shopify.

1.2. Features

Find complete description below:

1.3. Price

Supply Order for Shopify is:

  • Free during 14 days.
  • App costs $ 4,99 / month.

2. Installation

As usual from the App description use the big green GET button on right top and try the app for free during 14 days!

3. Configuration

No configuration needed.

4. Use Back-Office

The full App use has to be done from your Shopify Back-Office.

As usually > Apps > Select the app "Supply Order" > Here you are!

4.1. Active Supply Orders

By default the App load the Supply order list view that is listing all supplier orders. You're free to filter them using the different filter like Supplier, Currency, Reception Date and / or payement status.

You're also invited to create a new order or a new supplier from the drop and down menu up right corner of the view.

For each order you can edit, view or download it.

4.1.2. View Supply Orders Details

Next the detail view where you can find all your order informations: Reference, currency, reception status, date of delivery, etc.

The view allows you to export the order in PDF file, to edit and manage order's information like payment statuses, reception, date, products and quantities, etc.

If needed you can also delete this orders.

Example of Download Supply Orders PDF file:

4.2. Create a New Supply Order

Creating a new order is easy. Use it each time you need to order products from your supplier to manage easily products needs, incoming stocks, in house stock and of course reception and incoming stock.

The creation form is exactly the same than the form used to modify orders.

4.2.1. New Supply Order form

The supplier order creation (and also edition step) is composed of 2 differents steps :

  • Order's informations.
  • Products included in the order supplier.

Next the information to configure for a new supply order:

ReferenceType a reference for this order to help manage it.
SupplierSelect the supplier you want to address this order.
CurrencyThe currency for this supplier.

This order is payed

Check if the order is payed or not.

This order is received

Check if the order is received or not.

Delivery date

Enter the delivery date for this supply order.
Payment dateEnter the payment date for this supply order.
Discount rateEventually enter the discount rate available for this supplier.
Shipping costSpecify shipping cost for this order.
Shipping cost tax rateSpecify cost tax rate for this order.

Fill-in the information then beware about adding product to your supply order.

4.2.2. Adding products

Three different ways to add products to your supplier order.

  • Use a scan, scan your products and they'll be added automatically to the supply order.
  • Type information in the product search form (reference, sku or product name) and add the products

  • Use the "Add all" button then delete or modify quantities

4.3. Manage Suppliers

The Appallow to create such as suppliers as you need.

4.3.1. Create a New Supply Order

Use the main tab Supplier list to view the different existing suppliers.

From this view edit existing suppliers, display supplier informations or create new supply order associated to the supplier.

4.3.1. Create a New Supply Order

Use the drop down menu to create a new one.

Once you clicked the New Supplier form you'll be redirected to this form.

Next the information to configure for a new supply order:

Supplier NameType your supplier name.
Supplier EmailThen your supplier email to send automatically new dedicated orders.
Payment delayComplete with the payment delay for this supplier in days.

Average shipping delay

Complete with the average shipping delay for this supplier in days.

Remind order payments

Check the option if you want the system to alert you automatically and remind you for order payments.

Order prefix

Specify the order prefix you want to be used for all the next orders with this supplier.
CurrencyThe currency for this supplier.
Free carriage amountSpecify the amount for free shipping with this supplier if existing.
Minimum priceSpecify the minimum price to order with this supplier if existing.
Default tax rateEnter the default tax rate with this supplier.
Default shipping tax rateEnter the default shipping tax rate with this supplier.

Fill-in the information then beware.

4.4. Barcode Generator 

In case you need EAN 13 or UPC Barcodes we added for free our Barcode Generator App. Feel free to use and generate missing barcode with your own prefix and GS1 product range.

5. Using Front Office

No Front-Office use.

6. Conclusion

This app will quickly become essential and complete Happy commerce logistic Apps suite.

Using supply order generate supplier order easily, enter the products you received or scan them to save time managing your replenishment.

We hope this app meets your needs and please note and review it!

Many thanks.