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AuthorSylvain Baron
DateFebruary 3rd, 2017


1. Overview

1.1. Introduction

This documentation is dedicated to Sales, Tax, Profit and Margin Reports Shopify App user.

1.2. Features

Find complete description below:

1.3. Price

Activity Report for Shopify:

  • Free during 14 days.
  • App costs $ 2,99 / month.

2. Installation

As usual from the App description use the big green GET button on right top and try the app for free during 14 days!

3. Configuration

No configuration is needed to run Sales, Tax, Profit and Margin Reports for Shopify.

4. Using Front-Office

No application in Front-Office.

5. Using Back-Office

The App is dedicated in 2 parts : Invoices and Reports.

5.1. Invoices

Use the App to generate PDF invoices for your Shopify order and respect European law about invoices :

  • Filter orders from date to date.
  • Filter order by ID.
  • Download single or bulk PDF invoices.

Invoice view:

PDF invoice example:

5.2. Reports

Generate business reports easily:

  • Exports reports in CSV files.
  • Date to date CSV export or filter using order ID
  • Exports following data:: ID, Date, Product quantity, Products Tax, Shipping Tax, Total Tax, Shipping Cost, Discount, Product price (tax exc.), Total Price (tax inc.).

Orders view:

CSV order export example:

6. Conclusion

This Sales, Tax, Profit and Margin Reports app will become unavoidable especially for European merchants. You'll soon ask yourself how you could work before without it (clin d'œil).

This is an efficient and simple app to report and export Sales, tax, margin and profit data from you Shopify business while generating automatically valid invoices for your orders.

You're happy and satisfied with this module please vote for it!

Many thanks.