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AuthorSylvain Baron
DateOctober 26, 2016


1. Introduction

1.1. Introduction

This tutorial is dedicated for Shopify merchant using Picking List app.

A complete module to generate Picking List for your orders preparation in order to daily manage easily your supply chain

1.2. Features

Find complete description below:

1.3. Price

Picking List for Shopify:

  •  Free during 14 days.
  • App costs $ 4,99 / month.

2. Installation

As usual from the App description use the big green GET button on right top and try the app for free during 14 days!

3. Configuration

The app does no need configuration.

4. How to use this app?

Use Picking List app by clicking the "Apps" tab in your Shopify Back-Office menu.

4.1. Active picking list

The apps displays three additional sub-menu "Active Picking List", "New Picking" and "Orders Picker"

The view lists the different actives picking list with main information: picker, creation date, references included and both action to close or delete the picking lists.

You can also create order pickers and / or new picking list.

By clicking the DETAILS button then you can watch picking details.

...and download the Picking in PDF format also using the dedicated button.

Note: The first time you will use the app the system will ask you to create a picker first.

4.2. Manage Order Pickers

The "pickers" view lists all registered pickers in your Back-Office.

This view can display various informations about the picker and allows different actions.

Use the different Drop-down menus to manage users and specific actions:


You can create new picker clicking the button then filling in the following form:

  • Display quickly Picking Lists associated with the picker from the main view in one click using the + button.
  • Display pickers details and create private notes.

Of course you can still edit and modify an existing picker:

4.4. Creating a Picking List

The form for creating a new Picking List is accessible from the two "New Picking" buttons.

You get on the following view that enables you to create a new Picking List :

Order Picker

Select from the drop down menu the picker wich you want to assign the picking list.

Order Statuses

Use the checkboxes to filter orders affected by this Picking List and therefore products the picker will have to pick from the warehouse.

Allowed to close pickings

True / False. Select if this picker will be allowed to close the picking list or if admin will manage.

Orders number b picking list

Set the number of orders included in the picking list ou want the picker to preprare.

4.5. Email Alert

When your Picking list is created an email is automatically sent to the picker to inform him of this new picking order.

The Picking list in PDF format is also attached to this email.

5. Conclusion

This is a complete app to generate Picking List for your orders preparation in order to daily manage easily your supply chain.

We hope this app meets your needs and please note and review it!

Many thanks.

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