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AuthorSylvain Baron
DateOctober 25, 2016


1. Introduction

1.1. Introduction

This documentation is dedicated for Shopify merchant using Control orders before shipping app.

This app helps to control efficiently your orders before shipping due to scan, save time and optimize your logistics.

1.2. Features

Find complete description below:

1.3. Price

Control orders before shipping for Shopify:

  • Free during 14 days.
  • App costs $ 4,99 / month.

2. Installation

As usual from the App description use the big green GET button on right top and try the app for free during 14 days!

3. Configuration

3.1. View of the settings

Configuration is really simple with only three parameters to set up.

3.2.1. Control Process

The module allows you to configure parameters related to the use of a scan type scan or not and define the type of codes / references to scan.

1 by 1 scan and manual quantity update

Select this option if you scan the products first then specify the quantity manually from the app.

1 by 1 scan and automatic quantity updateThe most common configuration: you scan every products of the order one by one.

I type the reference and set the quantity manually

Select this option if you make your order without scan control in order to enter the references and quantity manually.

3.1.2. Control Process

By adding order status filter you'll filter the orders you want to control before shipping. Let the configuration by default with "All (no filter) if you want to control all your customer orders before to ship them.

3.1.3. Control Process

By adding carrier filter you'll filter the orders you want to control before shipping regarding the carrier. Let the configuration by default with "All (no filter) if you want to control all your customer orders regardless of the carrier.

4. Using Back-Office

Use Control Orders before shipping app by clicking the "Apps" tab in your Shopify Back-Office menu.

4.1. View Orders to control before shipping

  • This view provides a list of customer order to process, or pending with color codes for an easy management;

  • This view provides an imput field for filtering and sorting orders in order to manage them in a second time;

  • Select an order to control by clicking it from the list.

Color codes for an easy management:

4.2. Orders to control before shipping

  • This view is an order view with all the order informations (carrier, date, etc) and more precisely the products to ship.

  • Then just scan the items associated with your order and specify quantities regarding your settings.

  • Products lines and order status will change when quantities and references expected are effectives.

Other customer order for example:

You can check the information related to a scan: date and time of recording, person who scanned, the scanned quantity for this item, and also the possibility to delete this scan if needed (in case of error) .

Alright, now you just need to ship your customer orders!

4.3. Barcode Generator feature

If needed, we added a Barcode Generator feature included in the App in case our SKU are not setted and ou need to create them automatically.

5. Using Front-Office

No use in Front-Office.

6. Conclusion

Control orders before shipping app for Shopify aims to simplify and optimize your daily management for stock and logistics and ensure compliance for order preparation.

We hope this app meets your needs and please note and review it!

Many thanks.

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